Why Green Burial?

Land Scarcity and Land Use Challenges
In a time of dwindling resources and shortage of land for burial, Green Burial provides an alternative option to grave burials and the current most widely-used method of storing ashes in niches. Through Green Burial, the cremated remains of the deceased will be buried in soil either by direct scattering into the soil or through the use of bio-urns in designated locations. The same location will be reused once an urn degrades, thus, the ecologically-friendly reuse of land.

Environmental Values in “A City in the Garden”
Green Burial sites are preserved as natural landscapes by trees, shrubs and flowers; as well as being safe refuges to birds and other wildlife. Hence, there is minimal environmental impact, legitimate ecological aims, conservation of natural resources, as well as maintenance and improvement in the fertile conditions of the land.

Emotional Issues
The Green Burial site will be a calming and comfortable resting place for the deceased and able to evoke feelings of comfort and peacefulness for the living relatives, thus providing continuity of contact between the living relatives and the deceased. Hence, the living relatives are able to have a loving, personalized way of saying goodbye to their loved ones. This method also aids in the preparedness for end-of-life; and is convenient and easy for visiting. The Green Burial site would provide a scenic view, replacing physical memorials such as tablets and tombstones. The environment aims to put the mind at peace, knowing that as the loved one’s ashes are returned to earth, there is new life is thriving. There shall also be no further worries about after-death matters, such as exhumation.

The cost for Green Burial and other related financial expenses would be much lesser (scattering of ashes into the soil or using a bio-urn at S$175) as compared to the following:
a) Crypt Burial System (CBS): Up to S$420 for children and S$940 for adults;
b) Storage of ashes in the columbarium: Minimum S$1,180 to S$100,000; and
c) Sea Burial: More than S$1,000.

Green Burial lessens the burden on the deceased’s offspring or family members. The naturally beautiful environment also aims to aid in grief recovery.

Awareness of ecological impacts
It is undeniable that individuals have become increasingly more aware of the impact that we have on the environment. This awareness has driven us to adopt living practices that enables the reduction of our ecological footprints.

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