What is Green Burial in Singapore context?

Green Burial, within a Singapore context, is the deposition of the cremated remains of the deceased in a beautiful natural environment, devoid of storage time limit. The cremated remains of the deceased will be buried in soil either by direct scattering into the soil or placing a bio-urn among plants (e.g.: trees, shrubs or flowers), allowing the bio-urn to naturally decompose.

The Green Burial method provides an alternative to our existing burial practices, namely the Crypt Burial System (CBS), storage of ashes in the columbarium and sea burial.

Through Green Burial, no headstone, tablet, incense-burning or artificial decorations are involved. Plants (e.g.: trees, shrubs or flowers) are used as elements in the emotional formula for handling grief and memorializing our loved ones. The Green Burial concept combines the power and effect of individual memorials into an experience of statement of life and hope.

Green Burial creates a tranquil and respectful place of remembrance and the green garden results in the creation of new habitats within the landscape. Green Burial is a feasible and dignified way which embraces all aspects of sustainable development – be it environmental, socio-cultural, economical and psychological – for the provision of burials in Singapore, a multicultural society.

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